Reading: From A Garage To Greatness

Steve Jobs was born in 1955 in San Francisco. When he was a baby, he was adopted (được nhận làm con nuôi) by a loving couple, Paul and Clara Jobs.

Steve grew up in California. His father was a mechanic (thợ máy). He taught him about electronics (điện tử). They often did projects (dự án) together in the family's garage (nhà để xe).

In high school, Steve met Steve Wozniak. They both loved technology (công nghệ). Together, they started a small company (công ty) in Steve's parent's garage. They called it, Apple.

They made the first user-friendly (thân thiện với người dùng) home computer (máy tính) in 1976. Apple became very successful (thành công).

But, Steve's life was not easy. He often disagreed (bất đồng) with other people. He was a perfectionist (người điên khắt khe), and expected (mong đợi) a lot from his workers. Apple removed (bị sa thải) him from the company in 1985. He felt sad and betrayed (bị phản bội).

However, he did not give up (bỏ cuộc). Steve started a new computer company, and bought a small animation studio (xưởng phim hoạt hình) called Pixar. With Steve, Pixar made successful (thành công) movies such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monster's Inc.

As for Apple, they were having many difficulties without Steve. In 1997, Apple asked him to return and Steve Jobs became their CEO.

Back at Apple, Steve helped them make the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and iPod. These products have changed the world forever, and Apple has become the most valuable (có giá trị) company in history.

In 2011, Steve Jobs passed away (qua đời) after a long battle (chiến đấu) with cancer (ung thư). His life was full of ups and downs. His story teaches us to keep trying and to follow our dreams.