Reading: The Farmer And His Horse

Today, we are going to read a story from Taoism, an ancient (cổ xưa) Chinese philosophy (triết lý). This story teaches us about life and how we understand good and bad events (sự kiện).

The Story:
Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a horse. One day, the horse ran away.

The neighbors (hàng xóm) said, "Oh, what bad luck (vận may)!" The farmer replied, "Maybe."

A few days later, the horse came back with three wild (hoang dã) horses. The neighbors said, "Wow, what good luck!" The farmer said, "Maybe."

Then, the farmer's son tried to ride (cưỡi) one of the wild horses. He fell off and broke his leg (gãy chân). The neighbors said, "Oh, what bad luck!" The farmer replied, "Maybe."

Soon, the army (quân đội) came to the village to take away all young men to fight in a war. Because the farmer's son had a broken leg, he could not go. The neighbors said, "Wow, what good luck!" The farmer said, "Maybe."

The Moral of the Story:
The story tells us what seems (dường như) bad might be good, and what seems good might be bad. We do not always know what will happen next. The story teaches us to stay calm (bình tĩnh) and not judge (phán xét) situations (tình huống) too quickly.

In Summary:
This story helps us understand that life is complicated (phức tạp). Good and bad events are connected (liên kết) in ways we might not immediately (ngay lập tức) see. So, it is wise (khôn ngoan) to be patient (kiên nhẫn), and see what happens.