Reading: The Woman Who Lived With Chimps

Jane Goodall was born in London in 1934. She loved animals and dreamed [mơ ước] of living with them.

At age 26, her dream came true. She went to Africa to study chimpanzees [tinh tinh]. She spent many years there, watching them in the forest [rừng].

At first, the chimps [tinh tinh], stayed far away from her. She climbed hills [leo đồi] and waited patiently [kiên nhẫn] for many months for them. 

Finally, a chimp named Greybeard came close to her. He took a banana from her hand. This was the start of her amazing discoveries [khám phá] and her relationship [mối quan hệ] with them. 

One day, Jane saw a chimp using a tool [công cụ] - a stick [cây gậy] to catch insects [côn trùng]. This was big news! People thought only humans used tools. 

Some scientists didn't believe Jane because she did not have a university degree [bằng đại học]. But, Jane knew she was right and kept working. 

Jane discovered many things about chimps, including:
-Chimps can speak with each other in many ways. 
-They show deep feelings like humans and also hug and kiss. 
-They hunt [săn bắt] and eat meat in organized [có tổ chức] hunting groups. 

Jane's work has shown us how similar [giống] they are to humans. She has made people think differently [khác] about animals and nature [thiên nhiên], and what separates [phân biệt] them to humans. 

Today, Jane is famous around the world. She travels to different countries, teaching people about the environment [môi trường]. She shows us that with patience and hard work, we can make big changes in the world. 

Chimps are now in danger [gặp nguy hiểm] because their forests are being cut down [chặt phá]. Jane now works on protecting [bảo vệ] their homes and has started a program called "Roots & Shoots" to help young people protect nature.