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Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived a sweet girl named Cinderella. She had a kind heart but a hard life, serving her mean stepmother and two jealous stepsisters. They would demand, "Cinderella, clean the house!" and "Cinderella, make us dinner!" Yet, she never lost hope.
One day, the king invited everyone to a grand ball at the palace. Cinderella's stepfamily laughed, "You at the ball? Impossible!" and left her behind.

As Cinderella cried alone in the kitchen, a soft voice said, "Dry your tears, dear." It was her fairy godmother. "You will go to the ball!"

With her wand, she turned Cinderella's old rags into a beautiful gown and her shoes into sparkling glass slippers.

"Remember, at midnight the magic will end and your gown will return to rags. Be home before midnight" she warned.

At the ball, Cinderella danced with the prince all night, who thought she was the most amazing girl!

But as the clock struck midnight, Cinderella said "I'm so sorry" and ran away before the magic ended. The prince asked, "But, at least tell me your name?" But, it was too late, and Cinderella was gone.

The prince was heartbroken. However, Cinderella had left behind one glass slipper.

The prince found the slipper and searched the whole kingdom for her. He thought, "Whoever this slipper perfectly fits is the girl I met!"

Hundreds of girls desperately tried the slipper, every girl in the village, but it didn't fit any of them.

When he finally arrived at Cinderella's house, the slipper fit her foot perfectly! It was a magical moment, as he knew this was the same girl he danced with. They hugged and laughed. Her jealous stepfamily couldn't believe it!

The prince took Cinderella back to the palace and they got married and lived happily ever after.

The message of this story is that kindness, resilience, and a little bit of magic can lead to your dreams coming true, no matter how impossible they seem.

✅ Key Vocabulary:
Serving (Verb) - Synonyms: Assisting, Helping (Sirviendo / Обслуживание / خدمة / Servant / Hizmet etmek / Phục vụ)

Mean (Adjective) - Synonyms: Cruel, Unkind (Malvado / Злой / قاس / Méchant / Kötü / Độc ác)

Stepmother (Noun) - Synonyms: Second Mother, Mother by Marriage (Madrastra / Мачеха / زوجة الأب / Belle-mère / Üvey anne / Mẹ kế)

Jealous (Adjective) - Synonyms: Envious, Covetous (Celoso / Ревнивый / غيور / Jaloux / Kıskanç / Ghen tị)

Stepsister (Noun) - Synonyms: Sister by Marriage, half-sister (Hermanastra / Сводная сестра / أخت غير شقيقة / Demi-sœur / Üvey kız kardeş / Em gái kế)

Grand Ball (Noun) - Synonyms: Magnificent Dance, Gala (Baile Grande / Большой бал / حفلة راقصة كبيرة / Grand Bal / Büyük Bal / Dạ hội lớn)

Palace (Noun) - Synonyms: Castle, Mansion (Palacio / Дворец / قصر / Palais / Saray / Cung điện)

Tears (Noun) - Synonyms: Crying, Weeping (Lágrimas / Слезы / دموع / Larmes / Gözyaşları / Nước mắt)

Fairy Godmother (Noun) - Synonyms: Magical Protector (Hada Madrina / Фея-крёстная / الجنية الأم / Marraine Fée / Peri Anne / Bà tiên)

Wand (Noun) - Synonyms: Magic Stick, Rod (Varita / Волшебная палочка / عصا سحرية / Baguette / Asa / Đũa phép)

Rags (Noun) - Synonyms: Tattered Clothes, Old Garments (Trapos / Тряпье / خرق / Guenilles / Paçavra / Rách nát)

Beautiful Gown (Noun) - Synonyms: Elegant Dress, Stunning Robe (Vestido Hermoso / Красивое платье / فستان جميل / Robe Magnifique / Güzel Elbise / Áo dài đẹp)

Sparkling (Adjective) - Synonyms: Shining, Glistening (Brillante / Искрящийся / لامع / Scintillant / Parlayan / Lấp lánh)

Glass Slippers (Noun) - Synonyms: Crystal Shoes (Zapatillas de Cristal / Стеклянные туфельки / حذاء زجاجي / Souliers de Verre / Cam Ayakkabılar / Giày thuỷ tinh)

Midnight (Noun) - Synonyms: 12 AM, Night's Middle (Medianoche / Полночь / منتصف الليل / Minuit / Gece Yarısı / Nửa đêm)

Kingdom (Noun) - Synonyms: Realm, Empire (Reino / Королевство / مملكة / Royaume / Krallık / Vương quốc)

Fit (Verb) - Synonyms: Match perfectly, Be the right size (Encajar perfectamente / Идеально подходить / يُناسب تمامًا / Aller parfaitement / Tam uymak / Vừa vặn)

Desperately (Adverb) - Synonyms: Frantically, Eagerly (Desesperadamente / Отчаянно / بشدة / Désespérément / Umutsuzca / Tuyệt vọng)

Hug (Verb) - Synonyms: Embrace, Cuddle (Abrasar / Обнимать / احتضان / Étreindre / Sarılmak / Ôm)

Resilience (Noun) - Synonyms: Toughness, Perseverance (Resiliencia / Устойчивость / مرونة / Résilience / Direnç / Kiên cường)