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Our goal is simple: to make learning English fun and engaging for you. How do we do this? By going deep into fascinating topics that capture your interest ❤️, all presented in easy-to-understand English for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners.

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We embrace the comprehensible input method, a proven way to improve your English skills.

🌟 Our top tip: you should listen to and read as much English as possible, that's just a little bit ABOVE your current level. This way, you pick up the maximum amount of new language and improve your pronunciation naturally - also, the topics must be interesting for you (so you stay engaged).

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Our Creators:

Founder and Creative Director

Tristan Palumbo, BA (Hons), CELTA, PGCE in Education,
University of Nottingham, Bournemouth University

Tristan Palumbo has dedicated over 12 years to teaching English. He is a creative writer, producer and host of the Simple English Listening podcast, and published songwriter.

After completing Cambridge University's CELTA and his post-graduate studies in education, he's since taught English in the UK, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam (in both HCMC and Hanoi), and Italy.

He brings creative passion to your learning, and is deeply committed to making content that engages, inspires and truly benefits your learning journey.

He has devoted himself to the art and science of language teaching, and helping you connect to the wider world through English.

Senior Education Consultant

Dr. Elsbeth Caswell, MA, PhD in Education
University of Southampton, Bournemouth University

Dr Caswell has retired from her position of Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University where she taught business and marketing at both the under-graduate and post-graduate levels. She also has substantial dissertation and thesis supervision experience for both bachelor and masters students.

In addition to her Doctorate, she gained a BA in Communications from Concordia University in Canada, a Masters in Marketing from Portsmouth University, England and a Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education from Bournemouth University, England.

For part of her career she lectured in business in the UAE to both BA and MA students with English as a second language. She now engages in various community projects around southern England and acts as the peer reviewer for Simple English.