The Ant And The Grasshopper

⭐ Key vocabulary is below the story.
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In a bright, sunny field lived an
ant and a grasshopper. The ant was always busy. She worked hard, collecting food and storing it in her home. "Winter is coming," she would say, "and we must be ready!"

The grasshopper loved to play. He danced and sang all day long. "Why work so hard?" he laughed at the ant. He thought she was silly! "Come and dance with me!" But the ant shook her head. "No, no, I must prepare for winter," she replied and diligently continued her work.

Summer turned to autumn, and autumn to winter. The air grew cold, and snow covered the ground. The trees lost their leaves. The grasshopper had no food and felt very cold and hungry. "I wish I had gathered food like the ant," he thought, walking sadly through the snow.

He went to the ant's house and saw the ant through the window near a warm fire. The ant had lots of food. He knocked. "Please, can you spare some food?" he asked.

The kind ant let him in and shared her food. "Thank you," said the starving grasshopper. "Next year, I will work too," promised the grasshopper.

The moral of the story is: Always prepare for the future and work hard today to enjoy tomorrow.

✅ Key Vocabulary:
Ant (Noun) - Synonyms: Insect, Formicidae (Hormiga / Муравей / نملة / Fourmi / Karınca / Kiến)

Grasshopper (Noun) - Synonyms: Locust, Cricket (Saltamontes / Кузнечик / جرادة / Sauterelle / Çekirge / Châu chấu)

Collecting (Verb) - Synonyms: Gathering, Accumulating (Recolectando / Собирать / جمع / Collectant / Toplamak / Thu thập)

Storing (Verb) - Synonyms: Keeping, Saving (Almacenando / Хранение / تخزين / Stockage / Saklamak / Lưu trữ)

Silly (Adjective) - Synonyms: Foolish, Unwise (Tonto / Глупый / أحمق / Stupide / Aptal / Ngốc)

Shook her head (Phrase) - Synonyms: Declined, Refused (Negó con la cabeza / Покачала головой / هز رأسها / Secoua la tête / Başını salladı / Lắc đầu)

Diligently (Adverb) - Synonyms: Carefully, Conscientiously (Con diligencia / Усердно / بجدية / Avec diligence / Özenle / Cẩn thận)

Prepare (Verb) - Synonyms: Ready, Arrange (Preparar / Подготовить / إعداد / Préparer / Hazırlamak / Chuẩn bị)

Ground (Noun) - Synonyms: Soil, Earth (Suelo / Земля / الأرض / Sol / Toprak / Đất)

Gathered (Verb) - Synonyms: Collected, Assembled (Recolectó / Собирал / جمع / Rassemblé / Topladı / Tụ hợp)

Warm (Adjective) - Synonyms: Cozy, Heated (Cálido / Тёплый / دافئ / Chaud / Ilık / Ấm)

Knocked (Verb) - Synonyms: Tapped, Banged (Golpeó / Постучал / طرق / Frappé / Kapıyı çaldı / Gõ cửa)

Starving (Adjective) - Synonyms: Very hungry, Famished (Muriendo de hambre / Голодающий / جائع جدًا / Affamé / Açlıktan ölmek / Đói kém)

Promised (Verb) - Synonyms: Vowed, Pledged (Prometió / Обещал / وعد / Promis / Söz verdi / Hứa)

Moral (Noun) - Synonyms: Lesson, Message (Moral / Мораль / العبرة / Morale / Ahlak / Bài học)