The Boy Who Cried Wolf

⭐ Key vocabulary is below the story.

Once upon a time, in a small village in the mountains, lived a young boy named Peter. He was a shepherd, and had the important job of watching over the sheep of the village. Peter often sat on a large rock, watching the clouds, wishing for something exciting to happen.

One boring afternoon, Peter had a funny idea! He jumped up and ran towards the village, shouting “Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is attacking the sheep!” The villagers ran up the hill to help, but when they arrived, there was no wolf. Peter laughed at their worried faces.

“Peter,” they said, “You must only tell the truth. It’s very important.”

But Peter didn’t take their words seriously. A few days later, he tricked them again with his cries of “Wolf! Wolf!” The villagers rushed to help, only to find Peter laughing again. “It was just a joke!” he said.

This time, they were very angry. “Peter, this is serious,” they said. Their trust in Peter was shaken.

Then, one sunny afternoon, a real wolf slowly appeared from behind the bushes. Peter was terrified and shouted as loudly as he could, "Wolf! Please help! The wolf is here for real this time!"

But this time, the villagers did not come. They thought Peter was playing his silly game again.

Alone and afraid, Peter tried to scare the wolf away, but he could not do it by himself. The wolf attacked the sheep and they all ran away.

When the villagers finally checked on Peter, they found him upset and with tears in his eyes. Peter cried, "I lied before, and now the wolf came, but no one believed me!"

The villagers helped Peter collect the sheep, but the damage was done. Peter learned a hard lesson that day.

The lesson of the story is: Always tell the truth because trust, once lost, is hard to regain.

✅ Key Vocabulary:
Wolf (Noun) - Synonyms: Canine, Predator (Lobo / Волк / ذئب / Loup / Kurt / Sói)

Shepherd (Noun) - Synonyms: Herder, Guardian (Pastor / Пастух / راعي / Berger / Çoban / Người chăn cừu)

Tricked (Verb) - Synonyms: Deceived, Fooled (Engañó / Обманул / خدع / Trompé / Aldatıldı / Lừa dối)

Rushed (Verb) - Synonyms: Hurried, Sprinted (Se apresuró / Поспешил / تسرع / S'est précipité / Acele etti / Vội vã)

Joke (Noun) - Synonyms: Prank, Jest (Broma / Шутка / نكتة / Blague / Şaka / Trò đùa)

Trust (Noun) - Synonyms: Confidence, Belief (Confianza / Доверие / ثقة / Confiance / Güven / Tin tưởng)

Shaken (Adjective) - Synonyms: Upset, Disturbed (Sacudido / Потрясен / مضطرب / Ébranlé / Sarsıldı / Bị rung chuyển)

Appeared (Verb) - Synonyms: Emerged, Showed up (Apareció / Появился / ظهر / Est apparu / Ortaya çıktı / Xuất hiện)

Bushes (Noun) - Synonyms: Shrubs, Hedges (Arbustos / Кусты / الشجيرات / Buissons / Çalılıklar / Bụi cây)

Terrified (Adjective) - Synonyms: Frightened, Scared (Aterrorizado / Ужаснулся / مرعوب / Terrifié / Korkmuş / Hoảng sợ)

Silly (Adjective) - Synonyms: Foolish, Senseless (Tonto / Глупый / أحمق / Stupide / Aptal / Ngốc)

Tears (Noun) - Synonyms: Weeping, Crying (Lágrimas / Слезы / دموع / Larmes / Gözyaşları / Nước mắt)

Lied (Verb) - Synonyms: Fibbed, Misled (Mintió / Солгал / كذب / A menti / Yalan söyledi / Nói dối)

Damage (Noun) - Synonyms: Harm, Destruction (Daño / Ущерб / ضرر / Dommage / Zarar / Thiệt hại)

Regain (Verb) - Synonyms: Recover, Retrieve (Recuperar / Восстановить / استعاد / Récupérer / Geri kazanmak / Lấy lại)